Melissa Swain

Mel before CrossFit.

I’m just your average 39 year old female. I work full time, maintain my house, take care of our 4 kids, and keep my hubby happy (well sometimes!). I had been over weight for 15 years when Chuck asked me to do CrossFit with him. I very reluctantly agreed, thinking that I’d do it a few times and quit. I know, great commitment huh? Well, my first time walking into a CrossFit gym was in Castle Hill, New South Wales in Australia. When we walked up I saw this red headed muscle guy and a few very fit people working out. I knew it was not a place for me. Chuck talked with Rob (aka the Red Bull) and was like a kid in a candy store. He was so excited and all I kept thinking was this is not a place for me, I do not belong here. Then Chuck told Rob that I said I was too fat to be there. I was mortified that Chuck had shared that bit of info, but Rob didn’t miss a beat and said “Well I can’t think of a better place for her to be”. That was the beginning for me. We came back for our intro a few days later.

When I began this journey, I weighed 217 pounds. I had never lifted weights and I avoided running at all cost. CrossFit has not only changed me physically (I have dropped 42 pounds and 4 dress sizes) but it has also improved my confidence inside and outside the gym. Being able to deadlift 250 pounds is a pretty cool thing to be able to say. And now I am a CrossFit Level One Trainer, something I never even thought I could be.

Mel with CrossFit!

My favorite thing about CrossFit is that it truly is for everyone. All of the workouts are programmed for elite athletes but are infinitely scalable for anyone at any fitness level.

This last year I have shared my experience with anyone who would listen. Now that we have CrossFit FerVor, in Mansfield, Texas, I am able to do this everyday. I get to be a part of improving the lives of those around me and I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing.

I hope you, too, will come by and give us a go. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like it. No harm in that! However, the best thing that could happen is you find a place that accepts you where you are and works right along with you to ensure you achieve your goals!

Melissa is CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Judge certified

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