Kyle Bunch

I played competitive sports such as football and baseball from my early elementary school years all the way though high school. After school, I found myself bouncing from globo gym to globo gym, doing the same routines over and over again. With time, the routines grew old, and I lost interest in my fitness. As I grew older, and I began to focus on my career, I just didn’t have the time to spend two hours waiting to use the equipment at the globo gym every day. I went from 175 lbs with a size 32 waste, to 230 lbs with a size 36 waste.

I eventually ran into an old buddy of mine, who gave me a quick run down on CrossFit, which caught my attention. I then spoke with Chuck Swain, the owner here at CrossFit FerVor, and set up an intro session. After being afraid and canceling the intro session several times, I finally met up with Chuck in his garage. The rest is history.

Trying CrossFit turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I’ve now been with Chuck and CrossFit FerVor for a little over two years. Today I weigh 205 lbs, and I wear a size 32 waste. I’ve gone through the process of dropping back down to 175 lbs, and then putting on 30 lbs of muscle. I did this with Chuck’s CrossFit programming, and his nutritional guidance.

I recently completed my CrossFit L1 certification, and I have begun training at CrossFit FerVor. The things I love about CrossFit are the competitiveness, the efficiency and the variance of the workouts, and the supportive community. I’ve met some of my best friends over the last two years, and I have no doubt that I will continue to meet many more.

If you’re looking at making a change in the right direction, and improving you’re overall fitness, you have to come see us! Allow us to allow you to discover the brand of fitness we’ve all fallin in love with!

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