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Hello my name is Chuck Swain. Several years ago I was much like you.  I was checking out this CrossFit thing I had heard about.  I was doing well on a number of fronts:  My family and I lived in an awesome home in Sydney Australia.  I had an excellent job that I was good at and I was able to travel to exotic locations like New Zealand and the Phillipines quite regularly.

But… and here is the big one…I was in terrible shape physically.  Fifty pounds overweight, I had obstructive sleep apnea for years and hypertension.  My job kept me on the road (or in the air) so pre-prepared meal planning was not in the cards.  I didn’t have much time to commit to improving my health (I know how dumb that sounds) and I certainly wasn’t in shape enough to take on something as challenging as CrossFit.

Steaming after a Workout

But that is what I did…I committed to just 3 hours per week and found gyms where I traveled or used CrossFit style programming in hotel gyms to get my 3 per week done.

Long story short, I lost the fat, added some muscle, was deemed (in a sleep study) to no longer have apnea (after 6 years on the CPAP) and fell in love with CrossFit.  I became a CrossFit Level 1 (CFL1) certified coach and added certifications in CrossFit Endurance (CFE), NESTA certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT), CrossFit Strongman Certification with Rob Orlando and CrossFit Olympic lifting. Ran my first half marathon (Sydney) and my first full marathon (Dallas).  I have given up the corporate thing to pursue my passion of helping others to improve their performance and their lives.  Now at the age of 48 I have devoted myself to being the Best Trainer in Mansfield, Texas.  I am constantly learning new skills because you can’t give what you don’t have!  I love watching the people I coach accomplish their goals, live more fulfilling lives as they develop new capacity and healthier self images.

I hope you will consider taking control of your life and visit us here at CrossFit Fervor!

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    • Christy, I saw that you have a goal of completing an Ultra-Marathon. Not sure exactly where you are living but you mentioned CF Deep Ellum. I have heard good things about them although I have not personally trained there and I don’t know the coaches. Completing an ultra is an attainable goal. I would suggest that you add the goals of completing it injury free. I learned a ton about how to run when I completed the CrossFit endurance certification and having an efficient running form will go a long way toward that goal.
      If you have any questions at all on this or other related topics I would be happy to help in any way I can.


      Chuck Swain
      CrossFit FerVor

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