Where to Spend and Where to save….

When you are building a new training facility like CrossFit Fervor here in Mansfield, opportunities abound to spend money.  As a person who loves doing CrossFit and engaging in high intensity functional movement there are always more things you want or need to have.  Having had the benefit of training in numerous CrossFit boxes around the globe I have gained some insight on what is mandatory for functional training and what is nice to have.  I am blessed to have made a number of friends who have travelled the path before me and I have asked for and listened to their advice.

What I have learned is:

1. Don’t buy cheap equipment.  CrossFit is minimalistic, but hard on stuff, get good equipment

2. Use the CrossFit Community.  Other Box owners can share resources of where and what to get (and probably more importantly what to avoid).  The Squat Racks I purchased were recommended by Glenn Pendlay.  I figure that guy has forgotten more about this stuff than I may ever know.


Built like a bomb shelter


3. Involve your CrossFit Members.  They want you to succeed (because you are helping them to succeed) and they have resources that can help you.  The install of our pull up bars was a great example.  A few of the folks from CrossFit FerVor (a few beers) and Viola!

4. Involve others you know.  I have needed to mark off some running distances and needed a measuring wheel.  Just $30 at Home Depot to buy one. But I would prefer to use that $ for more Equipment (see #1 above) so I checked with the members, no luck.  But the landlord had one he was happy to let me use and another project bites the dust.

5. Don’t over complicate it.  I had this vision of kettlebells with “you got this” written on them as wall ball targets.  Seemed really cool but was more trouble than it was worth to make it happen.  Bottom line I spray painted some red dots every couple of feet along a ten foot chalk line, works great, took ten minutes.  To think I was delayed several days trying to figure out a whole series of steps to make the kettlebells, just dumb.  Keep it simple.


Simple Wall Ball Targets

Simple Red Dots get the job done!

6. Get creative.  Really early on, when CrossFit Fervor was training out of the garage in my house.  Our twenty pound med balls were old flat basketballs that I got for free filled with sand and wrapped in duct tape.  Ugly to be sure, tough on you if you missed catching a wall ball rep and it hit your face but, and this is big, one of my first clients JD said “Chuck I got in shape with that ball.”  So we keep one in the new gym as a reminder that it’s all about results for the FerVor Family.

The Old and the New

CrossFit FerVor first and second generation Wall Balls

I am sure that I will have a number of additional posts as I continue to build Mansfield’s preimminant CrossFit Facility but the tips above will go a long way to helping others along the path.  Now get out there and get to work!

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