The 90 day challenge results – Truston Baba

Truston before CrossFit FerVor

I would like to introduce you to Truston Baba.  He is the Assistant Pastor at Living Church ( in Mansfield, Texas.  He is active building his church as well as an ambassador with the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce ( Which is where we met.  He was part of the group who welcomed CrossFit Fervor to the local business community at our ribbon cutting ceremony.  Truston’s wife was going to be out of the country for several weeks and the last time this happened he gained about 10 pounds.  Hoping to reverse the trend and give his wife a pleasant surprise, he met with me to see if Training at CrossFit FerVor could help.

When we started 90 days ago he weighed just over 250 pounds was wearing size 40 pants (abdomin measurement 44.25″) and just gotten so busy with work and life that he had been unable to manage all of it as well as his own health & fitness.

Over the 12 week period Truston’s achievements included: a 38.5″ standing box jump, 8 strict pull ups (I heard he did ten at a church event this week, to the chagrin of the other men in the church!), Deadlifted 375 pounds for 3 repititions, Completed a 1 Kilometer row in 3:50, Overhead Squatted 160 pounds, and completed his first ever 5K (this was a big deal as he had been asked to participate in them (with the church) and historically he declined because he didn’t think he could finish.

Truston’s schedule didn’t get any easier during our 90 day challenge, in fact he averaged just 3 one-hour CrossFit sessions per week. The most challenging part for Truston has been addressing his food choices. Things like adorable little old ladies bringing by cookies, and waiting to see him eat them, happen in the life of a pastor.  But he reports that his nutrition choices have gotten much better over the last month or so.

His resting heart rate dropped from 80 to 70 beats per minute and he lost 16 pounds of fat and added a couple of pounds of muscle.  He lost 4 inches around his belly and is now wearing size 36 pants.  He reports that he feels better and regularly gets asked what he has been doing to make such a change, fortunately for CrossFit FerVor he is more than happy to tell them!

The best news is that this is not the end of the story.  It is really the beginning.  Truston is continuing to train here at CrossFit FerVor and increasing his fitness, strength and health.  I got the best reward when Rachel, his wife, thanked me for helping Truston to turn it all around.  “I still loved him as much then.” She said.  I replied “But now it is more love per square inch!” 😉 I love how we impact lives here.

Truston after 90 Days

Are you still walking around looking (and feeling) like a “before” picture?  Sign up for a Free Intro Session here at CrossFit FerVor and let’s work toward the “after” picture together.


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