The 90 day challenge results – Truston Baba

Truston before CrossFit FerVor

I would like to introduce you to Truston Baba.  He is the Assistant Pastor at Living Church ( in Mansfield, Texas.  He is active building his church as well as an ambassador with the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce ( Which is where we met.  He was part of the group Continue reading

Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results


Wall Balls & Ring Push ups

Ladies at CrossFit FerVor getting their WOD on!

First a quick question. What do the people, described in the list below, have in common?  School teachers ranging in age from 23 to 59, two mothers of four, a police officer, a 55 year old ICU nurse, a couple of nursing students in their 20’s, a physical therapist, a recent marketing graduate and photographer, an optometrist, a highschool football coach, a cosmotologist, a volleyball coach, a plumbing supply saleman, a 46 year old entreprenuer and a pastor. Answer: They are normal people, in normal jobs, living normal lives, just like you. Except, they are also Continue reading

Boot Camp or CrossFit?

Recently, I had a new athlete join CrossFit FerVor here in Mansfield, Texas.  She had been “staying in shape” by attending the four week boot camps that I see advertised in the area, you know the ones.  Seems like they have a good business going.  Classes are regularly booked and they seem to keep people coming back.

No equipment, no facility, no investment on their part.

I hear from folks who believe Continue reading

Fear of CrossFit

I see this fairly often at CrossFit FerVor someone has heard about CrossFit and the kind of results that can be achieved through constantly varied funtional training but he/she is afraid.  Afraid that they will not be able to DO the things they have seen CrossFit Athletes do.  Afraid that they will Continue reading

Five Questions to ask before choosing a Coach / Fitness Trainer

Recently, one of the athletes here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield was talking about his experience with personal training in the big box setting.  “The first guy they tried to put me with was fatter than me.”  So he requested another trainer.  “I was spending 450 bucks a month and each month I thought Continue reading

MED Why you should know what it is

It doesn’t matter if it is getting a sun tan, taking a medication or working out the MED is something you should know and understand. As with most things in life there is a tipping point where more is not better and beyond that more can be detrimental.  You can overdo anything from drinking water (Hyponatremia or Death by drinking water) to being outside.  What we need to know is Continue reading

Activity vs. Results

At CrossFit FerVor we are committed to providing the most efficient and effective programming and methodologies to ensure that the time our athletes invest in training yields the best possible results.

Before CrossFit, I spent my training time like many other people.  I would go hit the gym, do some cardio on the treadmill, do some resistance / strength training on the machines and go to work (or home, depending on time of day) feeling better about myself for having engaged in an activity that was supposed to be helping me become healthier and more fit.  The problem was Continue reading

Nutrition Challenge

As we covered in the training session at CrossFit Fervor on Saturday we will be tracking our progress with this challenge through daily logs of your nutritional intake.  Goal is Paleo choices with Zone quantities.  The handouts that were provided give some meal plans and Zone guidelines.  We will continue through the next 6 weeks, then we will review the points accrued by each participant as well as test against baseline measures taken on Saturday.

Basic rules are each meal is assigned a point total:

+3 points for Paleo / Zoned meals, +2 points for paleo meal, +1 for zone meal, 0 for paleo with dairy and -2 for cheat meals

Rule of 5 bonus points +1 for five meals per day, +1 for less than 5 hours between meals and -1 for any meal with more than 5 blocks

Exercise bonus +3 points for every WOD performed at CrossFit FerVor (3 points max per day).  Other bonus points: +1 for each of the following: consuming at least 64 oz of water per day, getting 8 hours sleep and consuming at least 1/2 of carbs from vegetables.

Deductions: -1 for each alcoholic beverage consumed (max -5 per day), -1 for no post work out meal, -1 for consuming less than 2g of EPA/DHA fish oil per day.

Points will also be awarded for inches lost, and reps gained over baseline.

CrossFit FerVor’s First Nutrition Challenge

The CrossFit FerVor team will be kicking off the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge at our 9am Session tomorrow.  We will present the rules and foundational nutrition plans for performance improvement and body recomposition.  There will be an open discussion of specific challenges and solutions for specific situations.

Real Snack Food

Real Snack Food

We will have a mini metcon to establish a fitness baseline that we will test against at the end of the challenge. In addition to taking some base line body measurments and health markers (like blood pressure and heart rate).

I expect that the combination of the dedication we are seeing from FerVor athletes in the box combined with improved nutritional intake is going to deliver amazing results for the CrossFit FerVor family over the next month.

Where to Spend and Where to save….

When you are building a new training facility like CrossFit Fervor here in Mansfield, opportunities abound to spend money.  As a person who loves doing CrossFit and engaging in high intensity functional movement there are always more things you want or need to have.  Having had the benefit of training in numerous CrossFit boxes around the globe I have gained some insight Continue reading