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Wall Balls & Ring Push ups

Ladies at CrossFit FerVor getting their WOD on!

First a quick question. What do the people, described in the list below, have in common?  School teachers ranging in age from 23 to 59, two mothers of four, a police officer, a 55 year old ICU nurse, a couple of nursing students in their 20’s, a physical therapist, a recent marketing graduate and photographer, an optometrist, a highschool football coach, a cosmotologist, a volleyball coach, a plumbing supply saleman, a 46 year old entreprenuer and a pastor. Answer: They are normal people, in normal jobs, living normal lives, just like you. Except, they are also Continue reading

Boot Camp or CrossFit?

Recently, I had a new athlete join CrossFit FerVor here in Mansfield, Texas.  She had been “staying in shape” by attending the four week boot camps that I see advertised in the area, you know the ones.  Seems like they have a good business going.  Classes are regularly booked and they seem to keep people coming back.

No equipment, no facility, no investment on their part.

I hear from folks who believe Continue reading

CrossFit vs. P90X vs. Personal training

Many of the uninitiated people of the world think that CrossFit is like P90X(r) or Insanity (r). Their are a few key differences that are critical. If you follow CrossFit FerVor or you will see the workout of the day (WOD) freely posted on their website. So couldn’t you save the money of say a P90X and just do the prescribed WOD? Sure. In fact it would be a better and cheaper alternative to P90X or insanity.
But what are you missing? Continue reading