Fear of CrossFit

I see this fairly often at CrossFit FerVor someone has heard about CrossFit and the kind of results that can be achieved through constantly varied funtional training but he/she is afraid.  Afraid that they will not be able to DO the things they have seen CrossFit Athletes do.  Afraid that they will Continue reading

Discomfort, is it a bad thing?

As athletes at CrossFit FerVor can attest, you will experience some discomfort when you get involved with CrossFit.  Initially as your body adapts to the rigors of constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity muscle soreness, lactate build up can be nearly crippling.  As in, “I need a spotter to help me off the toilet” kind of soreness.  But after a short period (generally a week or two) this type of discomfort passes.  The next level Continue reading

CrossFit and the inner voice

One of my greatest joys CrossFit FerVor is helping my athletes gain control of the inner voice.  For those new to the sport this is one of the main adaptations.  Clearly, the physical adaptations are what people come for leaner, fitter, healthier bodies and this is the safest, most efficient and effective way of obtaining those goals.  But beyond that Continue reading