MED Why you should know what it is

It doesn’t matter if it is getting a sun tan, taking a medication or working out the MED is something you should know and understand. As with most things in life there is a tipping point where more is not better and beyond that more can be detrimental.  You can overdo anything from drinking water (Hyponatremia or Death by drinking water) to being outside.  What we need to know is Continue reading

Finally, Move in Day!

We got the word that the approval was in from the city and we could start moving all our stuff in the new CrossFit FerVor box at Suite 106 of 1315 FM1187.  It is so nice to have all this room to train.  Officially, sent notes out to cancel the Workout Of the Day (WOD) for today but several FerVor tribe members were itching to get in Continue reading

Do what you love and never work again…

We’ve heard this saying before.  Unfortunately, few of us realize it and the fact is it probably is slightly less than true.  The concept is that if you can find a way to make a living doing the things you love it just isn’t work, that is true.  However, most things still have aspects that you feel less than love for.  At CrossFit Fervor, I love coaching people, helping people grow and accomplish things that they didn’t think possible.  I really love it. When one of my athletes accomplishes a goal I am as excited as they are.  When one of the Fervor Clan gets her first pull up or another sets a new PR on his Double Unders, or achieves a range of motion that he had never been able to before, I am am pumped!  I really live for those moments.  I get juiced, energized and that is not work for me it gives me more energy than it takes.  However, Continue reading

Coach Glassman says: “The needs of the elite athlete and your grandmother differ by degree not type.”

Click here to see 84 year old great-grandmother on 3rd ever training row

The rower is a brilliantly designed piece of equipment. It is simple, low impact, accessable to nearly all who wish to try it and simultaneously has the ability to humble the strongest of athletes. In this video my 84 year old grandmother Continue reading