Are CrossFitters juvenile?

As a box owner, I get forwarded a lot of the anti-CrossFit articles, etc. that are out there. Most focus in on YouTube videos of poorly trained athletes with poor mechanics are pushing themselves to perform at levels that they are not prepared for. Many aren’t even doing CrossFit.  Like the third lady (HERE) who is apparently participating in a power lifting event in this CrossFit Fail compilation.  CrossFit is just an easy target

Although, statistically you are less likely to suffer a serious injury than playing most contact sports (Reference:National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health). This syncs up with my anecdotal evidence. The majority of injuries I see with our athletes come from sport: basketball, volleyball, softball, etc. This makes some sense as in the gym environment the majority of factors and vectors are set and predictable. Whereas in sport shear forces on joints and contact with another object or person moving in unpredictable directions pose a greater opportunity for injury.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last (or the most eloquent) defender of CrossFit training efficacy, safety and efficiency. However, there is another criticism that we probably have earned.

That we are juvenile. Continue reading

Kacey Smith

I had been in and out of big box gyms for years.  I was bored out of my mind and unmotivated.  I decided to hire a trainer at the big box gym I was at, and asked them to give me a trainer that would keep my short attention span in check with something different.  I was paired with Chuck, because he was certified in a different kind of training called CrossFit.  After several more sessions of personal training with Chuck he left the big box gym and decided to start training CrossFit out of his garage.

The weekend I did my intro was the same weekend he opened the current CrossFit FerVor location.  I was borderline hypertensive and “fluffy” when I started training at FerVor.  My doctor even wanted to put me on medication.  Within a few months of training I had lost ten pounds of fat.  I was strong, confident and my blood pressure was lowered to a healthy level.  After a year of training I completed my CrossFit Level 1 (CFL1) certification and became a trainer.  CrossFit has been able to hold my interest for going on two years now.  Along this journey I have also met some awesome people that I have a lot of fun with now at FerVor.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to help people reach their goals, and create new ones every day. CrossFit Fervor has changed my life and I’ve seen it change a lot of other people’s too.  I hope I get the chance to help you make a change in your life and reach those goals you’ve set for yourself.  I look forward to seeing you at a future session at CrossFit FerVor.

Can CrossFit prepare you for an Ultra Marathon?

How many training hours or miles do you need to prepare for an Ultra-Marathon?  Well I just completed the Cowtown Ultra in Ft Worth, Texas.  I prepared using CrossFit and an occasional long run on Sunday.  In fact in the three months leading up to the Cowtown, I only Continue reading

Beginners questions on CrossFit

I often get asked; “Will I be the most out of shape person here?”

What they really want to know is “Will I fit in here?”  The answer is, it depends…


Generally people think it depends on their fitness level, what they look like or being able to perform a particular exercise or movement.  Fitness is what we deliver, if you are super fit (or really out of shape, like I was) you WILL become as fit as your effort and genetics will allow here.  All of our movements are scalable (up AND down) and we can find methods to accommodate or challenge anyone. If fitness level is not what fitting in here depends on, then what does it depend on? Continue reading

CrossFit FerVor Assists City of Mansfield Employees

CrossFit FerVor is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the City of Mansfield’s 2013 Health and Wellness fair.  We will be giving away FREE one month of unlimited training sessions!



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Bob Harper achieves CrossFit Level 1

Anyone who is familiar with “The Biggest Loser” knows Personal Trainer Bob Harper.  Those of you who are unfamiliar with CrossFit may not know that he has embraced CrossFit as his training method.  He and his own personal trainer, Sam Upton, recently went to get their CrossFit Level 1 Cert.

Now he is as qualified as Coach Mel and Coach Chuck to help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, CrossFit FerVor here in Mansfield Texas is much more cost effective!

Come Check us out.

What have you got to lose?


I suspect people get tired of hearing what I have to say about CrossFit FerVor so, for a bit a variety, I thought I would share what some of our athletes have to say about us:

Shayla K. – Teacher & Mom says: “I lost fat and gained muscle and now look sexy in a swimsuit.” And she tells people who are thinking about trying CrossFit FerVor “You’ve got nothing to lose, give it a shot!”

Chad M. – Police Officer says: “I have tried doing individual workouts and used Personal Trainers at the Globo gym and other CrossFit boxes, but at CrossFit FerVor it is more of a family connection where everyone knows everyone.  It helps with accountability and its fun giving each other a hard time!”

Kacey S. – Physical Therapist says: “I have gained muscle and lost inches. I am back in jeans I haven’t been able to button for two years and my arms and shoulders are toned.” She used to work out at a “typical gym” and used personal trainers but it was “boring and crowded” but at “CrossFit FerVor other members actually encourage and motivate you to show up and kick ass.”  Since joining Kacey has “run her best ever 5K and signed up for her first half marathon” She went on to say “I am able to do things I never thought that I could do.”

Deneen A. – IT Professional says: “It was amazing how CrossFit adapted to me [Deneen is in a wheelchair] with slight modifications.  I can feel my body changing.  If you are willing to put in some effort and time you can see results and improve your health.  If you haven’t tried CrossFit before you must try it because it is so very different. If you have tried other things and they haven’t worked for you this might be just the thing for you. The training at CrossFit FerVor is one of the best decisions that I have made and I am thankful to be a part of the group.”

Maggie G. – Owner M.Power Foods (previous owner Stroller Strides): Has tried “P90X, Earn that Body!, ChaLEAN Extreme, Body Back” as well as “trained for half marathon and triathalon” but she says “The other workouts got old and monotonous very fast.  I love that each day at CrossFit FerVor is a new workout!” She has experienced “increased muscle mass, fat loss and improved definition”  Despite all the things that she had done prior to CrossFit FerVor she was worried that she “wouldn’t be in shape enough to start” but she tells others “most people start where I started no need to be intimidated.” Additionally “It’s the most empowering workout I have been a part of.  You will not regret it!”

Beauty in Strength

There is a fair amount of misconception among the general public that lifting weights will make women look bulky like the body builders or like a man.  The Fact is Women were made to be strong and athletic.  They were designed to be able to lift and carry things and when they lift they look like women.  Curvy and beautiful.  Women who are huge bulky “body builders” have had to supplement their training with substances that have them grow in unnatural ways.  This WILL NEVER happen by accident.  Lift hard, work hard, train hard and display the natural beauty that is aching to reveal itself to you.

At CrossFit FerVor, here in Mansfield Texas, we see Continue reading

Are you too far gone?

A common misconception around fitness and weight loss is that you can be too far gone.  I know a mother of four who thought she was too fat for CrossFit.  That was a couple of years ago and now she is the target that the newer ladies are chasing here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield, Texas.


So how far overweight or out of shape is too far?  I would say Continue reading