Beginners questions on CrossFit

I often get asked; “Will I be the most out of shape person here?”

What they really want to know is “Will I fit in here?”  The answer is, it depends…


Generally people think it depends on their fitness level, what they look like or being able to perform a particular exercise or movement.  Fitness is what we deliver, if you are super fit (or really out of shape, like I was) you WILL become as fit as your effort and genetics will allow here.  All of our movements are scalable (up AND down) and we can find methods to accommodate or challenge anyone. If fitness level is not what fitting in here depends on, then what does it depend on? Continue reading

Nutrition Challenge

As we covered in the training session at CrossFit Fervor on Saturday we will be tracking our progress with this challenge through daily logs of your nutritional intake.  Goal is Paleo choices with Zone quantities.  The handouts that were provided give some meal plans and Zone guidelines.  We will continue through the next 6 weeks, then we will review the points accrued by each participant as well as test against baseline measures taken on Saturday.

Basic rules are each meal is assigned a point total:

+3 points for Paleo / Zoned meals, +2 points for paleo meal, +1 for zone meal, 0 for paleo with dairy and -2 for cheat meals

Rule of 5 bonus points +1 for five meals per day, +1 for less than 5 hours between meals and -1 for any meal with more than 5 blocks

Exercise bonus +3 points for every WOD performed at CrossFit FerVor (3 points max per day).  Other bonus points: +1 for each of the following: consuming at least 64 oz of water per day, getting 8 hours sleep and consuming at least 1/2 of carbs from vegetables.

Deductions: -1 for each alcoholic beverage consumed (max -5 per day), -1 for no post work out meal, -1 for consuming less than 2g of EPA/DHA fish oil per day.

Points will also be awarded for inches lost, and reps gained over baseline.

CrossFit and the inner voice

One of my greatest joys CrossFit FerVor is helping my athletes gain control of the inner voice.  For those new to the sport this is one of the main adaptations.  Clearly, the physical adaptations are what people come for leaner, fitter, healthier bodies and this is the safest, most efficient and effective way of obtaining those goals.  But beyond that Continue reading


Accomplishment.  The word can conjure up any number of images depending on whom you ask.  I believe it was described as the progressive realization of a worthy goal by Zig Ziglar.  At CrossFit Fervor we are honored to see accomplishment in action on a regular basis.  People improving their lives through fitness.  From being able to achieve Continue reading

“You Got This!” The power of community in CrossFit

There are many ways that CrossFit differs from other modalities designed to improve overall health and fitness.  I believe that there are two main differences: Intensity and Community.  Intensity as Coach Glassman states is the “independant variable most associated with improvement” and Community is the variable that enables CrossFit FerVor athletes to continually subject themselves to intensity.

Having been able to witness in person and via the web some of the worlds most elite athletes what has struck me as one thing that sets them apart is their ability to regualrly subject themselves to high intensity workouts or focus on building skills without the aid of a partner or other competitor present. Continue reading