Mel completes CrossFit Level 1 Training

Congratulations to Melissa who completed her CrossFit Level 1 Training this past weekend.  After doing CrossFit for years now Melissa Swain (aka Mel) took on the challenge of completing her Level One certification.

Celebrating new CF Level 1 achievment

Coach Mel celebrating CrossFit Level 1

She was excited to be able to gain new insights and skills at developing and correcting movement in athletes.  This makes her officially capable of training others here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield Texas!

There will still be a learning curve as she continues to improve her skill as a trainer, but as a result of the training she has been exposed to here as well Continue reading

The 90 day challenge results – Truston Baba

Truston before CrossFit FerVor

I would like to introduce you to Truston Baba.  He is the Assistant Pastor at Living Church ( in Mansfield, Texas.  He is active building his church as well as an ambassador with the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce ( Which is where we met.  He was part of the group Continue reading

Five Questions to ask before choosing a Coach / Fitness Trainer

Recently, one of the athletes here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield was talking about his experience with personal training in the big box setting.  “The first guy they tried to put me with was fatter than me.”  So he requested another trainer.  “I was spending 450 bucks a month and each month I thought Continue reading

CrossFit FerVor’s First Nutrition Challenge

The CrossFit FerVor team will be kicking off the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge at our 9am Session tomorrow.  We will present the rules and foundational nutrition plans for performance improvement and body recomposition.  There will be an open discussion of specific challenges and solutions for specific situations.

Real Snack Food

Real Snack Food

We will have a mini metcon to establish a fitness baseline that we will test against at the end of the challenge. In addition to taking some base line body measurments and health markers (like blood pressure and heart rate).

I expect that the combination of the dedication we are seeing from FerVor athletes in the box combined with improved nutritional intake is going to deliver amazing results for the CrossFit FerVor family over the next month.

Intensity and the new client part deux

In giving additional consideration to the situation that generated part one of this post.  I questioned myself (I know sounds a bit odd but hey if you are starting a box you get a fair amount of alone time) about my goals and objectives.

Honestly that part has been clear a long time.  My personal mission Continue reading

Intensity and the new client

I don’t think that joining any CrossFit box should be like a fraternity hazing.  At CrossFit Fervor, we want to ensure that as a minimum a new athlete/client should have a taste of the kind of intensity that the rest of the box is displaying to get their results.  I may have recently screwed this up and I am wrestling with the question.  Continue reading

Finally, Move in Day!

We got the word that the approval was in from the city and we could start moving all our stuff in the new CrossFit FerVor box at Suite 106 of 1315 FM1187.  It is so nice to have all this room to train.  Officially, sent notes out to cancel the Workout Of the Day (WOD) for today but several FerVor tribe members were itching to get in Continue reading

Fitness or Nutrition first?

I hear this from time to time “Should I start by working out or should I start with getting my diet right?”  Anyone with a grasp on the mathematics (calories in versus calories out) can tell you immediately that your best place to control weight is the diet.  Mathematically this is true, but this is not the whole story and this approach often falls short. Why? Continue reading

Do what you love and never work again…

We’ve heard this saying before.  Unfortunately, few of us realize it and the fact is it probably is slightly less than true.  The concept is that if you can find a way to make a living doing the things you love it just isn’t work, that is true.  However, most things still have aspects that you feel less than love for.  At CrossFit Fervor, I love coaching people, helping people grow and accomplish things that they didn’t think possible.  I really love it. When one of my athletes accomplishes a goal I am as excited as they are.  When one of the Fervor Clan gets her first pull up or another sets a new PR on his Double Unders, or achieves a range of motion that he had never been able to before, I am am pumped!  I really live for those moments.  I get juiced, energized and that is not work for me it gives me more energy than it takes.  However, Continue reading

Coach Glassman says: “The needs of the elite athlete and your grandmother differ by degree not type.”

Click here to see 84 year old great-grandmother on 3rd ever training row

The rower is a brilliantly designed piece of equipment. It is simple, low impact, accessable to nearly all who wish to try it and simultaneously has the ability to humble the strongest of athletes. In this video my 84 year old grandmother Continue reading