No more vegetables, please!

“Eat your vegetables!” This was the advise of our mothers and grandmothers alike. Amazing what good advice it was. It is common knowledge that veggies are nutritionally dense yet sparse in calories, which it great if you are trying to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight as you age. Mathematically, it is nearly impossible to out work your diet.

However, much like it was when I was a kid there are times when it is difficult to consume enough vegetables and if you are eating “clean” or following a plan like Paleo or Primal where vegetables are your primary source of carbohydrates you may find it challenging to consume enough of them.

So what is a person to do? I have had success with folks by advising them to “Drink your vegetables.” Huh? yep that is right. Drink your veggies. I use a vitamix mixer but you can accomplish this without dropping big bucks on a high dollar piece of hardware. If you find this convenient method of increasing your vegetable intake is for you, you may want to save up for a serious blender, there is a difference.

So how do you do it? First it is way easier than you might think, generally it is a blend of fruit and vegetables a 4:1 ratio of Vegetable to fruit is pretty standard. if you have never put spinach, kale or broccoli in a smoothie before it can seem weird but trust me on this. Green smoothies are delicious! The greens will add a ton of color but not a lot in the way of taste. I just had green apple sauce before I sat down to write this post and it was really good. It consisted of two small apples quartered (seeds and all), four (large) frozen strawberries a giant handful of spinach (Popeye would be proud) and two handfuls of kale (you know the stuff they put the food on at restaurants) jammed it into the vitamix kicked it up to high and ran it for less than a minute and Boom! Green applesauce. I could have added some fresh water and made it thin enough to drink (smoothy) but I like it thick and ate it with a spoon I would estimate that it was about 18-20 oz all in all. Easy to consume, tasty and honestly it would have been almost impossible to sit down and eat all that raw food whole (raw kale, bleck!). But made in this way it was tasty green apple sauce, no problem.

So now you don’t have an excuse for not getting in your veggies!

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