Mel completes CrossFit Level 1 Training

Congratulations to Melissa who completed her CrossFit Level 1 Training this past weekend.  After doing CrossFit for years now Melissa Swain (aka Mel) took on the challenge of completing her Level One certification.

Celebrating new CF Level 1 achievment

Coach Mel celebrating CrossFit Level 1

She was excited to be able to gain new insights and skills at developing and correcting movement in athletes.  This makes her officially capable of training others here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield Texas!

There will still be a learning curve as she continues to improve her skill as a trainer, but as a result of the training she has been exposed to here as well as at CrossFit Norwest with Rob Downton and training in numerous CrossFit boxes in the US and abroad she understands the higher expectation for training (and trainers) we have here at CrossFit FerVor.

Interestingly, the recent boost in exposure of CrossFit through the CrossFit Games on ESPN and co-branding with Reebok has moved CrossFit from a relatively unknown training modality into main stream.  This will bring a mixture of good and bad things.  The Good part is that with increased awareness more people will get exposed to high intensity functional movements and reap the benefits.  The bad (or unfortunate) is the fast growth will give rise to CrossFit boxes whose poor programming and standards will inevitably erode the brand.  As an example, When Mel was completing her level one training there were several folks who were going through the training and had never completed a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day).  Assuming they passed their test, they are now qualified to lead others in CrossFit training.  Sad, really.

As coach Glassman said “Excellence is obvious to everyone.” and “Free markets reward excellence.”  I believe both of these statements to be true.  As a result I don’t sweat it when I hear about the old bootcamp trainers trying to beat down what we do to people who have left them and come here.  Nor do I get excited when another box opens up literally on the drive into our box.  We will remain focused on providing our athletes with the best possible training and results.  The rest will sort itself out.


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