Intensity and the new client

I don’t think that joining any CrossFit box should be like a fraternity hazing.  At CrossFit Fervor, we want to ensure that as a minimum a new athlete/client should have a taste of the kind of intensity that the rest of the box is displaying to get their results.  I may have recently screwed this up and I am wrestling with the question.  Was the first session too much, meaning I was asking too much, or was the potential athlete / client looking for less than we offer?  I led her through some fundamentals here at CrossFit Fervor like how to row and squat and determined what type of scaling would be necessary for her to complete the “baseline” WOD so we had her doing the row, squats and sit ups pretty much as RX’d then for push ups we had hands elevated on a 30″ box and for pull ups we used ring rows.  Now she did ok for the first bit and then she announced after the sit ups that she might get sick, and felt very tired, etc.  At which point I had her rest until she felt better, she never actually got sick, or I would have called it a day.  Here is where I may have hosed this up.  Once she felt better, I had her complete the WOD.  With the clock running during her rest the entire time was just under 20 minutes.

This was Friday and after another twenty minutes or so of cool down stretching and coaching on recovery, hydration, SMR, etc. We finished the session.  I contacted her over the weekend to see how she was holding up.  She was quite sore (as one would expect) and she decided that she would stick with her walking and aerobics to drop the weight she wants to lose prior to getting married.

Bottom line.  I didn’t get to help this woman.  However, and here is where I really struggle, I don’t believe that she was willing to work as hard for her as I am.  So was this a case of natural selection out of a program that just wasn’t for her or did I screw up and run off someone that could use my help? To be Continued…

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