Intensity and the new client part deux

In giving additional consideration to the situation that generated part one of this post.  I questioned myself (I know sounds a bit odd but hey if you are starting a box you get a fair amount of alone time) about my goals and objectives.

Honestly that part has been clear a long time.  My personal mission is to help people around the world to improve their performance and lives.  I have been blessed to be able to live this mission through numerous roles throughout my life and career.  While working in HR here in the States and overseas, I coached, taught and mentored numerous people and loved knowing I was impacting people for good.  My aim with CrossFit Fervor is to continue to impact the performance and lives of people.  This is what drives me to know and be more myself because you can’t give what you don’t have.  I have to read study and seek out others whom I can learn from in order to be able to share more with others.

Now back to the question was this an opportunity to assist someone who could have used my help that I screwed up or what it a situation where someone was hoping for a result without having to invest themselves.  Many of you know what I mean, the “can’t I just take a pill and not worry about what I eat” mentality that our society is happy to generate as it bolsters the bloated market of people who are willing to spend their money but not their effort to achieve something of value.

I know that CrossFit Fervor is not going to be for everyone (although everyone could benefit from it) and that a percentage of people who are seeking change aren’t really willing to work for that change at any given time.  I also know that being ready is not a fixed state.  I certainly have learned new lessons from old books after a second or third reading because what I was ready to accept was different during a later reading than it was during a previous one.

I know that this post has rambled a bit and that I am still working to get through a concern that I don’t have the ability to influence anymore.  The majority of my angst over this situation is that I KNOW I could have made a siginificant positive change in this persons life if given the chance.

Unfortunately, my experience says that if I have given this much thought and concern to an issue that the answer is I could have done better and I already know this at some level.  So, I am going to go back to the drawing board on the new client intake process to see where I can improve.  This will not change what we are about here at CrossFit Fervor.  Intensity will still be a constant companion in our efforts to achieve our genetic potential.  While Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness remain cornerstones of our programming and coaching.

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