Fear of CrossFit

I see this fairly often at CrossFit FerVor someone has heard about CrossFit and the kind of results that can be achieved through constantly varied funtional training but he/she is afraid.  Afraid that they will not be able to DO the things they have seen CrossFit Athletes do.  Afraid that they will look silly due to their lack of initial skills, capacity or competence in movement.

The fact is that nearly everyone starts out this way but there is another aspect that the new person doesn’t understand that the regular attender does.  The community of CrossFit in general and CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield, Texas is here to support them.  That having Goats (areas of weakness) is universal and that we derive satisfaction from gaining competence in an area of incompetence.  We are all in this together.  No one has demonstrated virtuosity in every skill and regardless of their current level of fitness or capacity.  No one has achieved their genetic potential.  Each of us pushes ourselves to improve and encourages other members to do the same.  In our effort, suffering and triumphs we share a bond that makes this a very unique and simultaneously powerful culture.

It’s supposed to be fun. Why else would they be called games??

When my wife and I took the first step to joining CrossFit Norwest in Australia she was afraid that she was too fat and I was concerned that the cost was too much.  We were both wrong, we found that we were among friends who wanted to see us improve as much as they wanted to improve themselves.  We were fortunate that we overcame our initial concerns and literally changed our lives and the trajectory of our childrens health and lives.

I know that simply reading a post like this will not eliminate the fear that people have.  I can only hope that it will provide enough encouragement to take the small leap of faith that is required to literally change your life.

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