Do what you love and never work again…

We’ve heard this saying before.  Unfortunately, few of us realize it and the fact is it probably is slightly less than true.  The concept is that if you can find a way to make a living doing the things you love it just isn’t work, that is true.  However, most things still have aspects that you feel less than love for.  At CrossFit Fervor, I love coaching people, helping people grow and accomplish things that they didn’t think possible.  I really love it. When one of my athletes accomplishes a goal I am as excited as they are.  When one of the Fervor Clan gets her first pull up or another sets a new PR on his Double Unders, or achieves a range of motion that he had never been able to before, I am am pumped!  I really live for those moments.  I get juiced, energized and that is not work for me it gives me more energy than it takes.  However, there are things like securing insurance, dealing with city officials and silly regulations, or building a website that just wear me out.  But it is the price of doing what I love, so I do it.

I guess the key is Focus.  Clearly our focus is our reality.  I see this often here at CrossFit Fervor.  When an athlete is focused on the wrong things they aren’t enjoying the process.  I have seen athletes who focus on how they are performing versus another and it provides them with additional energy to push to the end, while others get angry or disheartened and inside they give up.

My athletes will tell you that I will call them out on it when it is obvious that their focus has become negative in some way.  The inner voice is filling their head with negatives like this stinks, why are doing (fill in the blank with least favorite exercise), or worse yet the dreaded “C” word (Can’t).  We don’t do can’t here at CrossFit Fervor.  It may be not I don’t have that skill or enough strength to do that YET but never CAN’T.

The flip side is true as well, when someone is obviously pushing through barriers (physical or mental) and their internal dialogue is positive you can see it.  I have told Fervor Clan members whatever you are saying to yourself now, say more of that!  It is nice to have an environment where we can acknowledge that this kind of dialogue exists and encourage proper use and control of it.

I realize I have rambled here a bit but I think the important point, and what I have come to recognize through my own experience and seeing the experiences of the Clan here at CrossFit Fervor is this.

It’s not doing what you love so much because it can become a grind and there will always be parts you don’t like.  The Critical factor is keeping your Focus Positive.  Only this will enable you to smile through the parts that you don’t like and to make the grind actually enjoyable.

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