CrossFit and the inner voice

One of my greatest joys CrossFit FerVor is helping my athletes gain control of the inner voice.  For those new to the sport this is one of the main adaptations.  Clearly, the physical adaptations are what people come for leaner, fitter, healthier bodies and this is the safest, most efficient and effective way of obtaining those goals.  But beyond that there is an inner transformation that occurs among our athletes that is an unexpected bonus.

They learn that most of the limitations that they had previously were self imposed.  That they can accomplish goals and tasks that they had thought were well out of their reach before they came to CrossFit Fervor.  This comes through acknowledgement of the inner voice.  Especially the inner critic, you know the one, the voice that tells us that we CAN’T do something, or that this is stupid, or questions why we are doing this at all.

The beauty of this adaptation is the carry over.  When we learn to tame this inner critic to have a more positive internal dialogue we get better results in every area of our lives.  Being able to look at a seemingly insurmountable task and then ask a powerful question like how do I accomplish this leads to amazing results, at home, at work and in the gym.  Seeing a challenge and knowing that you have been able to come out the other side victorious gives us a confidence that can’t be purchased but has to be earned.

Here at CrossFit Fervor (Mansfield’s newest CrossFit training facility), we will call it out when on of our athletes is struggling with or winning over that internal battle.  When that voice is called out for what it is, it tends to recede.

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