Where to Spend and Where to save….

When you are building a new training facility like CrossFit Fervor here in Mansfield, opportunities abound to spend money.  As a person who loves doing CrossFit and engaging in high intensity functional movement there are always more things you want or need to have.  Having had the benefit of training in numerous CrossFit boxes around the globe I have gained some insight Continue reading

Intensity and the new client part deux

In giving additional consideration to the situation that generated part one of this post.  I questioned myself (I know sounds a bit odd but hey if you are starting a box you get a fair amount of alone time) about my goals and objectives.

Honestly that part has been clear a long time.  My personal mission Continue reading

Intensity and the new client

I don’t think that joining any CrossFit box should be like a fraternity hazing.  At CrossFit Fervor, we want to ensure that as a minimum a new athlete/client should have a taste of the kind of intensity that the rest of the box is displaying to get their results.  I may have recently screwed this up and I am wrestling with the question.  Continue reading