Discomfort, is it a bad thing?

As athletes at CrossFit FerVor can attest, you will experience some discomfort when you get involved with CrossFit.  Initially as your body adapts to the rigors of constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity muscle soreness, lactate build up can be nearly crippling.  As in, “I need a spotter to help me off the toilet” kind of soreness.  But after a short period (generally a week or two) this type of discomfort passes.  The next level Continue reading

CrossFit vs. P90X vs. Personal training

Many of the uninitiated people of the world think that CrossFit is like P90X(r) or Insanity (r). Their are a few key differences that are critical. If you follow CrossFit FerVor or CrossFit.com you will see the workout of the day (WOD) freely posted on their website. So couldn’t you save the money of say a P90X and just do the prescribed WOD? Sure. In fact it would be a better and cheaper alternative to P90X or insanity.
But what are you missing? Continue reading

MED Why you should know what it is

It doesn’t matter if it is getting a sun tan, taking a medication or working out the MED is something you should know and understand. As with most things in life there is a tipping point where more is not better and beyond that more can be detrimental.  You can overdo anything from drinking water (Hyponatremia or Death by drinking water) to being outside.  What we need to know is Continue reading

Activity vs. Results

At CrossFit FerVor we are committed to providing the most efficient and effective programming and methodologies to ensure that the time our athletes invest in training yields the best possible results.

Before CrossFit, I spent my training time like many other people.  I would go hit the gym, do some cardio on the treadmill, do some resistance / strength training on the machines and go to work (or home, depending on time of day) feeling better about myself for having engaged in an activity that was supposed to be helping me become healthier and more fit.  The problem was Continue reading

Where are your Standards?

We all have standards that we apply all the time.  Most are tacit and usually the standard itself is not explicitly discussed just situations or performance versus the standard.  He is a lousy driver, she is a great kisser, are examples of comparisons to a tacit standard.  However, when we train athletes (or any other persons or professions) we have to be very clear of the expected standards so that when we have an area that deviates from the standard we can mutually agree to where we fell short (i.e. the movement, repetition, or performance) has not met an agreed to standard and we can provide specific meaningful feedback that will enable improved performance in the future.

In CrossFit in general and at CrossFit FerVor, in Mansfield, Texas, we understand the importance of setting, communicating and maintaining clear, specific standards to ensure that we deliver on our promise of the Safest, most Efficient and Effective training possible.

If we allow others (athletes, employees, children) to consistently fail to meet the standard we are by default setting a new lower standard.  This is not acceptable. I expect that this commitment to high standards carries over in other areas of life for the members of CrossFit FerVor.  That what they will accept from themselves, others and life in general must meet their high standards.

Ensure that your standards and expectations are known, clearly understood by all the affected persons and ensure that you provide feedback when there is a discrepancy between the standard and the results.


Fitness or Nutrition first?

I hear this from time to time “Should I start by working out or should I start with getting my diet right?”  Anyone with a grasp on the mathematics (calories in versus calories out) can tell you immediately that your best place to control weight is the diet.  Mathematically this is true, but this is not the whole story and this approach often falls short. Why? Continue reading


Accomplishment.  The word can conjure up any number of images depending on whom you ask.  I believe it was described as the progressive realization of a worthy goal by Zig Ziglar.  At CrossFit Fervor we are honored to see accomplishment in action on a regular basis.  People improving their lives through fitness.  From being able to achieve Continue reading

“You Got This!” The power of community in CrossFit

There are many ways that CrossFit differs from other modalities designed to improve overall health and fitness.  I believe that there are two main differences: Intensity and Community.  Intensity as Coach Glassman states is the “independant variable most associated with improvement” and Community is the variable that enables CrossFit FerVor athletes to continually subject themselves to intensity.

Having been able to witness in person and via the web some of the worlds most elite athletes what has struck me as one thing that sets them apart is their ability to regualrly subject themselves to high intensity workouts or focus on building skills without the aid of a partner or other competitor present. Continue reading

Coach Glassman says: “The needs of the elite athlete and your grandmother differ by degree not type.”

Click here to see 84 year old great-grandmother on 3rd ever training row

The rower is a brilliantly designed piece of equipment. It is simple, low impact, accessable to nearly all who wish to try it and simultaneously has the ability to humble the strongest of athletes. In this video my 84 year old grandmother Continue reading