Beginners questions on CrossFit

I often get asked; “Will I be the most out of shape person here?”

What they really want to know is “Will I fit in here?”  The answer is, it depends…


Generally people think it depends on their fitness level, what they look like or being able to perform a particular exercise or movement.  Fitness is what we deliver, if you are super fit (or really out of shape, like I was) you WILL become as fit as your effort and genetics will allow here.  All of our movements are scalable (up AND down) and we can find methods to accommodate or challenge anyone. If fitness level is not what fitting in here depends on, then what does it depend on?


Fitting in here is completely dependent on your willingness and desire to be a part of the family.  Being part of the FerVor Family means things like: I will be encouraging, I will work to my ability, I will listen to the coaches who are working to help me achieve my goals.  Everyone brings strengths and weaknesses (physical or otherwise) and like any family we will have good and bad days.  But at the end of it all we are here for each other.

When CrossFit athletes visiting Mansfield, Texas drop in here, I have never heard “this is the most hardcore box I have ever been to.”  Not that we don’t have equally challenging programming, but because the thing that stands out is how friendly and welcoming our community is.  We hear this A LOT!  Honestly, that is exactly what we had in mind before we ever opened the doors.  Understanding that when the culture is right all the other necessary outcomes will happen as a natural byproduct.

We Love our FerVor Family.  Which mandates that at times we provide tough love.  But it is love nonetheless. 🙂

Protecting the incredible culture is what really matters here.  It is this culture, having a supportive group of people who struggle together through the challenges inside (and outside) the box, that makes it all work.

So if you are wondering if this is the right place for you, don’t worry about what you can (or can’t yet) do physically.  You just need to decide if you are willing to be a part of a group of folks who are working to make themselves and each other better.

I know it was a bit of a sappy post but there just seems to be a fair amount of confusion among the uninitiated.  Hope it cleared up the question for someone.


Coach Chuck

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