Beauty in Strength

There is a fair amount of misconception among the general public that lifting weights will make women look bulky like the body builders or like a man.  The Fact is Women were made to be strong and athletic.  They were designed to be able to lift and carry things and when they lift they look like women.  Curvy and beautiful.  Women who are huge bulky “body builders” have had to supplement their training with substances that have them grow in unnatural ways.  This WILL NEVER happen by accident.  Lift hard, work hard, train hard and display the natural beauty that is aching to reveal itself to you.

At CrossFit FerVor, here in Mansfield Texas, we see these transitions from weak, skinny fat, overweight and scale conscious to confident (the most appealing aspect of any human) and competent.  They do not have to give up their femininity to acquire high levels of strength and fitness.  There is no way to buy this kind of self concept, you have to earn it.  You just can’t get this from boot camps or with the typical personal trainer at BIG gym in your town.  They are too constrained by their equipment, management or systems.  The good news is that it is available to anyone who is willing to consistently commit just a few hours a week to training at CrossFit FerVor.

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