Are you too far gone?

A common misconception around fitness and weight loss is that you can be too far gone.  I know a mother of four who thought she was too fat for CrossFit.  That was a couple of years ago and now she is the target that the newer ladies are chasing here at CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield, Texas.


So how far overweight or out of shape is too far?  I would say if you can get yourself to the gym then we can get you in better shape, period.  Being too fat to CrossFit is like saying I am too sick for medication.  If you are out of shape you need a program that is safe, efficient, effective, scalable and sustainable.  At CrossFit FerVor we are all of the above.  If you are worried that you don’t have the current ability to perform some of the movements you see posted, stop worrying.  Depending on the exercise there are likely to be a number of people in the box who can’t perform that movement, yet.  That is the key, not yet.  We will provide you with a scaled movement that you can perform that will provide the same or similar stimulus so that you can prepare yourself to perform that movement or exercise in the future.

In fact, it is the exception that I have a new athlete who doesn’t have some sort of issue with capacity or mobility (or both).  With some time and effort both can be overcome and enjoying new found capability is exciting in life as it is in the gym.

Don’t allow negative “I can’t” thoughts to hold you back from improving your life.  Take a step to redesign who you are.  You aren’t too far gone.  The only question that remains is the path from here.  Will you take control and make your future better or will you just get older?

You don’t have to be in shape to start.  You just have to start to get in shape.

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