Activity vs. Results

At CrossFit FerVor we are committed to providing the most efficient and effective programming and methodologies to ensure that the time our athletes invest in training yields the best possible results.

Before CrossFit, I spent my training time like many other people.  I would go hit the gym, do some cardio on the treadmill, do some resistance / strength training on the machines and go to work (or home, depending on time of day) feeling better about myself for having engaged in an activity that was supposed to be helping me become healthier and more fit.  The problem was I had been sold on something that just didn’t do what it was supposed to do.  I remained overweight, high blood pressure and resting heart rate.  In short lots of activity but no real results.  To be fair I am sure that I was marginally better off for having spent the time there but the Return on Investment (ROI) was way too low.

This is the business model of the typical globo (i.e. Lifetime, 24 hour, Golds) gym.  Lots of members who don’t use the facility but like to say that they have a “membership” as if that alone will improve their situation.  The fact is their model and rules make it challenging to win at best and more often are a hinderance to progress.

I went through a Fitness Trainer certification with a globo gym and at one point we were reviewing different peices of equipment while a couple of people were using the free weights for their workout.  The people working out were giving a great deal of effort to their work and making some noise (grunts, banging weights), when the course trainer said there was really no place for that in a gym environment.  All the other trainers agreed.  I knew then I was in the wrong place.  Shortly there after I broke away to start my own facility.  One where people are encouraged to push themselves, sweat, grunt, push hard to improve their performance and their lives.

Here at CrossFit Fervor we take a vastly different approach.  We invest in each member of the FerVor family.  There is encouragement and accountability to make and achieve personal goals and new personal bests.  This model expects more from each person during their training time and delivers greater results that can be enjoyed outside of training.  If a person is willing to invest just 3 to 4 hours per week they will make more progress than the typical person following the globo model makes with twice that investment.  This has been the experience of the out of shape housewife, business person as well as the elite athlete.

Brad Squat Clean PP & BFB!

If you want Results like more energy, stamina, strength, mental toughness or just to look better naked then you should consider CrossFit FerVor.  You will not find a better investment in yourself, period.

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