Accomplishment.  The word can conjure up any number of images depending on whom you ask.  I believe it was described as the progressive realization of a worthy goal by Zig Ziglar.  At CrossFit Fervor we are honored to see accomplishment in action on a regular basis.  People improving their lives through fitness.  From being able to achieve a range of motion that had not been achieved in years (thereby rolling back the biological clock in a way) to achieving a Personal Record (PR) in a lift or Workout of the Day (WOD).

I love seeing my athletes accomplish things that they used to say they couldn’t do.  There is something magical about overcoming barriers (physical or mental) that gives us the power to view subsequent barriers in a different light.  We in essence become different people.  People who see life as a series of challenges to delight in overcoming. Versus people who see a world that is working against them.

This mental change is the most exciting for me personally as it places ALL the physical or emotional barriers in a new light.  When you have the intestinal fortitude to endure a physical challenge, you come out of it a new person, a better person.  It was this change that gave me the courage to start this business and I look forward to seeing this change in all who enter the doors at CrossFit Fervor.  As we enter into the next phase of our organizational growth and move from the garage gym into the new space at the corner of Debbie lane (FM1187) and business 287 in Mansfield we will be better able to serve more of the community.

Although I am sure I will look back on our time in the garage as such a fun time making new friends and accomplishing worthwhile objectives.

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