Welcome to CrossFit Fervor.  We are not just another gym.  We are a World Class Training facility located in Mansfield, Texas 76063.  Here you will find an inviting environment, professional coaching and state of the art programming designed to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.  Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness are the cornerstones of our program.

You will receive instruction on fundamental human movement (such as squatting and how to pick things up off the ground), progressing into more complex exercises and movements (like gymnastics moves, handstands, pull ups, Olympic lifts, Russian kettlebells, Atlas stones, essentially all the tools necessary to build elite fitness).  All movements are infinitely scalable.  So the training will meet you where you are and take you as far as you are willing to go.

The training is beneficial for everyone from the 84 year old great grandmother, the severely overweight, and the elite athlete (trust me if you believe you are fit now, you can move to an entirely new level).  We have trained persons in each of these categories and more. The needs of these groups do not differ by type but by degree.

If you are here, you have likely tried to make improvements before.  The membership at the local globo gym having too much activity and equipment but yielding too little results.  Possibly you have tried a boot camp or used a personal trainer, who was at least a reason to come to the gym but was unable to quickly achieve the results you sought or you quickly reached a plateau in your performance or body re-composition goals.

Don’t despair, I have traveled those paths as well, with similar results.  I felt better about myself that I was going to the gym regularly but was frustrated with the lack of real results.  Until I discovered CrossFit.  I know that if you begin this journey it can change your life, as it changed mine and others who have trained with us.

Don’t just take my word for it.  If you haven’t heard of CrossFit yet here are things that others have had to say:

SHAPE magazine called it “The Ultimate Workout Challenge” The Author of the article (Renee Woodruff) went on to say: “I have achieved better results in five weeks with CrossFit than with any other attempt I’ve made at exercise. And I’ve pretty much run the gamut, from yoga, Pilates, biking, running, personal training; you name it, I’ve tried it. So give it a go and see if you feel the same.”

Muscle & Fitness magazine (who featured CrossFit Champion Rich Froning on the cover) had this to say: “CrossFit, unlike traditional gym practices, isn’t just about looking good. It’s about actually being good. While it’s billed as a core strength and conditioning program, CrossFit is designed to bolster 10 different domains of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.”

Men’sHealth Magazine described CrossFit as “The Worlds hottest new workout system” and says “CrossFit is going to transform your body. It’s going to transform your life in ways you can’t imagine.” They went on to say “The reason it works is known technically as undulating periodization,” says m&f Senior Science Editor Jim Stoppani, PhD. “Bodybuilders have always known it as the Weider Principle of Muscle Confusion. By keeping your body guessing, you allow yourself to continue making gains.” We call it “constantly varied”.

US News is talking about it. “CrossFit is the hottest fitness trend around”

Web MD says “CrossFit, one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs today.

I hope you will take the first step and sign up for a FREE initial consult and training session.

If you choose to join, we offer a rock solid, one-month 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  So there is NO RISK for you!  Good luck getting that from your boot camp or personal trainer